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6 Reasons Your Business Needs Virtual Printing Software

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What is virtual printing software? To put it simply, virtual printing software is an application that allows you to convert any type of visual file into a PDF document. It doesn’t actually print anything on paper. Instead, it converts things like PowerPoint slides and Word documents into PDF. But why does your business need it? This blog will attempt to help you to know your business and the advantages of using virtual printing software in your business.

Why Your Business Needs Virtual Printing Software

A conventional printer converts softcopies of documents into hard copies on paper. A virtual printing application converts softcopies into PDF documents instead. This has several advantages. The most obvious one is that it is eco-friendly. You aren’t cutting down any more trees and adding to the climate mess. It’s also cost-effective. I paid more in printing costs than for my Spectrum bundles when I was running a small restaurant in my hometown. I wish I had a virtual printer back then. Anyway, here are just a few reasons why your business could use virtual printing software: 

  1. Easy to Use
  2. Cost-Efficient 
  3. Digital Documentation 
  4. Remote Access
  5. Preview Before Printing 
  6. Various File Formats 

Let’s examine these in more detail below. 

Easy to Use

If you’ve ever had to work the printer in your office, you know how annoying it can be. Office printers are scary pieces of technology. Sometimes, it seems like they can sense your urgency and respond by jamming themselves. Suffice it to say, you need to know exactly what buttons to push and so forth. On the other hand, virtual printing software is much easier to use. It is simple, intuitive, and only requires a few clicks to get the job done. 


If you run or manage a business, you are probably just as concerned about decreasing costs as you are about increasing revenues. Opting for virtual printing software instead of conventional printers can help you save significantly. The only cost involved is the cost of the software itself. After that, you don’t have to spend cash on repairs, maintenance, and of course, paper. 

Digital Documentation 

Using a virtual printing application takes all your files to the digital realm. That means you can distribute them without any limit. You can share a memo with all your employees at the click of a button instead of having to print them out and sending them to their desks. This not only saves paper, but it also saves time when you have to locate older documents.  

Remote Access

Having teams and team members working remotely has caught on during the past few years. As a result, more and more businesses are open to hiring remote workers. A virtual printing application can be the perfect tool to help with remote teams. A remote team member can access, convert, and print a document without having to physically enter the office. This makes remote printing software extremely convenient to use when you have a team of remote workers. 

Preview Before Printing 

Sometimes, printing a document like an invoice or a bill is unavoidable. But it is doubly expensive if you get it wrong the first time and the printout has errors. The preview function on virtual printer applications can help you review the document closely before you decide to print it out. That means fewer errors, which means you won’t have to do more reprints. You can even add watermarks to documents and images to ensure you retain the right to them.

Various File Formats 

The most important feature of virtual printing software offers is the ability to convert documents into several suitable formats. The most commonly used formats are PDF and TIFF, but your virtual printing application may offer several others as well. That means you get to choose the most suitable format for the documents you want to share. For example, you could choose the format based on whether the document goes out via email or through fax. 

Using virtual printing applications is gaining a lot of popularity among small and medium businesses as well as larger enterprises over the past few years. I prefer it to actual printing because all I need is my laptop and Spectrum internet only. This helps me save time every time I have to send memos, emails, or important documents to my team. And of course, I sleep easier knowing I’m reducing my impact on the ecology.


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