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5 Troubleshooting Methods to Fix 'Printer Won't Copy' Error

Home Troubleshooting 5 Troubleshooting Methods to Fix 'Printer Won't Copy' Error

Printers are known to perform three major functions- scan, copy, and print. If you have a printing device that performs all the three major functions, you have got a good deal. But imagine a scenario where your printer is doing its usual printing and scanning but is facing issues in copy. When a printer is unable to copy, it will not be able to work at its best. However, this is not a major issue and can occur now and then; you just need to do troubleshooting the right way.

So are you up for it?

But before we begin to troubleshoot the errors with your printer's copy function, let's know what possible issues you may face.

List of 'Unable to Copy from Printer' Error

No matter which brand you own this error can surprise you anytime; even prominent names like HP, Epson, or Brother Printer have gone through this problem where your device is unable to copy or will not copy at all. Have a look at the list of possible issues related to the copy function of your printer:

  • Copies are black and unclear
  • Copies are either small or too large
  • They have wrong colors, poor resolution or blurry text
  • You are getting blank copies
  • Copier is not working

Troubleshooting 'Printer is Unable to Copy' Error

Here are the steps you can try to make the printer’s copy function work again:

1. Reload the Paper

If the copies are too large or too small or the paper is of the wrong size, reload the paper so that the printer can detect the correct size. Also, ensure that the paper rest against the edges of the stack.

2. Change the Settings

Next, try to change the paper and copy settings to enlarge or reduce the size of copies. You can change the paper’s size and copy settings from the printer’s control menu.

3. Check the Printer's Power Source

If the printer is giving black copies, you need to check the power source. For this, keeping the printer on, remove the power cord from the printer and take out the power cord from the power source; wait for some time. You can also connect the printer directly to the wall outlet to ensure that it is getting adequate power supply. After reconnecting the power cord to the printer, try to get a copy out of it.

4. Check the Cartridges

If there is low ink or toner in the cartridges, your printer won’t copy or this can also lead to issues with copy quality. So, check the ink levels of your printer and make sure you have adequate quality.

5. Reset the Printer

Resetting the printer can clear some of the errors, so if the printer’s copy function is not working, try this method. To reset the printer, keep the printer on, take away the power cord from the printer and also detach the power cord from the power source; wait for some time. Attach the printer directly to the wall outlet to confirm that it is receiving the required power supply. After reconnecting the power cord to the printer, try to print a test page. If you don’t know how to reset your printer, contact the manufacturer’s website.

Additional Troubleshooting to Fix Problems with Printer's Copy Function

  1. Try to use plain paper for photocopying.
  2. If you are copying a paper of letter size, the layout should be as ‘With Border’ and document size to ‘Letter’.
  3. To copy a photo, Layout should be set as ‘Borderless’ or ‘With Border’ and set the Document Size to the size of your paper.
  4. Make sure your printer is set as default; check this from the computer’s printer settings.
  5. Try to get copies again after removing and reinstalling the printer's software.
  6. Make sure the original document or image is of clear quality.
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