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Omega: The Best Watches for Different Occasions

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Did you know that Henry VIII was the first person to wear a pocket watch? But at that time, there were only single-hour markers. It was during the 17th century that minute hands became a thing. Gradually, from pocket watches, the timepieces evolved, and today, wristwatches are popular. The first wristwatch came out during the time of Elizabeth I, with her being the first wearer. It did not take long before wristwatches became a thing, which eventually led to several people putting up watch companies and made a living out of making high-quality watches. One of those people was Louis Brandt, who started to set up a workshop in their family villa. Later, at the same place, the birth of Omega occurred. 

The Birth of Omega

Omega watches are excellent and accurate timepieces. You have a great selection of fine watches to choose from. Additionally, there are Omega Watches Men and Omega Watches for women too. Read on below to see how Omega watches start and continue to innovate to serve people from then and now.

At the age of 23, Louis Brandt started the journey that eventually led to Omega's birth. Setting up a Chaux-De-Fond workshop, Louis Brandt began a business that got passed down as time passed. Louis Brandt passed away in 1879. Immediately, his sons took the company's reign and gradually made a legacy in the industry of watchmaking.

The Brandt brothers changed the business location in 1880 to Route De Boujean, moving it to Rue Jakob-Stampfi right after. The first caliber came out in 1885. By 1894, the brothers released a 19-line Omega caliber with the use of groundbreaking techniques. 1901 marked the year when the first watch made was for attaching it to cars and motorcycle fuel tanks. By 1905 and 1909, Omega was a timekeeper at various sports events held in Switzerland and all over the globe. The year 1909 also marked the Omega watches selling globally on the six continents. All categories of prority shipping, known nowadays as hotshot truck, where as a driver you can quote the amount you wish to receive for the order.


The Introduction of the First Watch

In 1929, Omega introduced a wearable device by placing it on the back of the hand and then connecting it to the finger. This way, it opened a unique way of having a watch. It is different from the usual way of wearing it on the wrist. Furthermore, the watch has a platinum case with diamonds, rubies, onyx, black enamel, and gold links joined by a cord. With these, the timepiece's appearance alone gave it a name for itself.

The Amure Collection

In that same year, the Amure collection was released. These watches have classic square cases equipped with a second sturdy case. These allowed the second case to provide protection and made the watch immensely shock-resistant. In 1931, the first prototype for automatic watches came to be. The model used two weights to wind its movement for both directions. Hence, this opened the way for a technological breakthrough for Omega. Furthermore, Omega had set quite a record when it comes to precision at the Geneva Observatory.

The Official Game Timekeeper

The following year, Omega became an official timekeeper for the Olympic Games held in Los Angeles. Up to today, Omega remains to be an official timekeeper for the Olympics. In the same year of 1932, Omega released the first commercial diver's watch, Marine. In 1936, an Omega watch with 47.7 mm caliber set an unbeaten record in precision for all Kew-Teddington Observatory categories located in London. In 1937, Omega presented a gift to Dutch Princess Juliana for her wedding. The watch has a balance spring and was thinner compared to human hair.

In 1940, the British armed forces got supplied immensely by Omega watches. When in war, watches can play an important role. It helps the soldiers to time their shots and when to fire them simultaneously. By 1947, Omega produced its first Tourbillon movement that possesses rotating cages, which offsets gravity's effect on its performance. In 1948, for their 100th anniversary, Omega presented the Omega Seamaster. In 1957, Omega introduced the Seamaster 300, an addition to the divers' line, and the Railmaster. In 1960, icon Elvis Presley wore a Seamaster calendar. In 1962, astronaut Wally Schirra wore the Speedmaster collection's first model when he completed a space mission. 

The Master Timepieces

A Speedmaster watch landed on the moon when Neil Armstrong wore it upon landing on the man. This particular event took place in 1969 on July 20th. In 1974, Omega presented the Marine timepieces. Today, these watch models depict the most accuracy when it comes to telling time. In 1994, Omega produced the self-winding central Tourbillon. In 1995, Cindy Crawford, a supermodel, became an ambassador for Omega. She participated in advertising campaigns as well as events and product designs. In that same year, Pierce Brosnan's movie, James Bond, came to be. The actor wore an Omega Seamaster. From that time onward, the character in the movie, James Bond, wore Omega watches

In 1999, Omega introduced the first mechanical watch. This move became a turning point for Omega as Nicholas Hayek was able to secure the rights for developing the technology from George Daniels, an inventor, and master-watchmaker. In 2013, Omega produced the Aqua Terra. This specific model can resist a force of over 15,000 gausses. By 2014, Omega released the Master Co-Axial calibers. These watches guarantee reliability and outstanding performance. Furthermore, it also has the anti-magnetic feature technology of the Seamaster Aqua Terra.

Final Thoughts

In the modern age today, watches have become an essential accessory for the day-to-day venture. Everywhere you look, most often than not, each individual has a watch attached to their hands. Mostly students and professionals do not go anywhere without one. Although mobile phones are an excellent source for telling time, it may seem not polite to pull out your device to check the professional world's time. You would undoubtedly appear bored and uninterested in the people around you or what was happening around you. The same thing when you are at school. 

Having a watch on your wrist, however, saves you from all that trouble. Hence, if you have yet to get one, Omega watches are a suitable catch for you. You can truly enjoy the variety that Omega watches can offer.


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