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PrimeTime: Hugo Boss Watches To Check Out This Season

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The season of giving is almost upon us, and you don't have any idea what to give your significant other or yourself. So, like what ordinary people do, you browse the internet to get an idea, and that's when you arrived here on this article. Let's not keep you waiting and continue reading what Hugo Boss Watches to check out this season.

Aeroliner Men's Quartz Blue Dial

This Hugo Boss Watch is the first on the list. The material used for the watch is mainly stainless steel with a glossy, metallic finish that gives off a classic, the luxury watch feels that never gets old. The dial is a rich, deep-sea blue embossed with white Arabic numerals for the hour markers. 

Additionally, the hour and minute hands have a luminous material for reading time at night, and the second hand has the signature Hugo Boss red tip. At the watch's side are the crown and two pushers that control the time and sub-dials on the watch face, respectively. Both the crown and pushers have a blue logo on the side to add to the watch's design.

Talent Men's Quartz Black Dial

If you're looking for a watch that's stylish and goes well with your suits, then you'd want to check this one out. The Talent Men's watch is designed to go with any formal wear you have. With its generally black color scheme and sleek build, it's perfect for any special occasion and goes well with whatever outfit you don.

The watch case and bezel are made of stainless steel for that guaranteed durability, and the band/strap is made from a ceramic material to make the watch light and easy on the wrist. For the watch face, the dial is completely black with geometric circles and lines for the hour and minute markers, with the sub-dials having a similar design making it clean and elegant.

Being water-resistant up to fifty meters, it helps that the hands, central hands, and sub-dial hands have a luminescent white strip for you to see your watch underwater. 

Supernova Quartz Grey Dial

Are you an avid fan of physical sports or an athlete yourself? If you are, you would know that it's hard to find the right watch that matches your way of life. Watches that belong to sporty people tend to be easily broken because of the repercussions of their lifestyles. But, Hugo Boss watches are built different and this one will surely fit you.

Behold, the Supernova. This watch is the biggest on this list, with a diameter of forty-five millimetres. With a dark grey stainless steel material used for both the case and strap, the watch's durability and longevity are undeniably ensured.

For its aesthetics, the entirety of the watch is covered with a dark gray finish except for the accents. The dial and sub-dials have textured surfaces, with the former having diamond-shaped ridges and the latter having concentric circles. The indices and hands are colored red to make them contrast heavily to the gray background.

Grand Prix Quartz Black Dial

Now, if you're the type that wants to subtly scream your opulence and grandiose yet still be stylish, then this timepiece is highly suggested. The Grand Prix by Hugo Boss is the most luxurious looking clockwork on this list. Everything about it, from its design and color combination, simply exudes regality.

The material used for most of the build is stainless steel with differing color finishes. On the strap are two gold parallel lines that run along the band's length, which complements the shiny, metallic exterior of the watch. The crown and pushers on the sides are also gold-colored with a black and gold Boss logo on the crown's top.

A black dial is found on the watch face with gold linear shapes for the hour markers. The hands for all the dials are colored gold to juxtapose from its dark background. 

Quartz Blue Dial

The watches keep getting bigger and bolder as the list continues, so now is the perfect time for a short pause. This next watch is not as extravagant as the previous ones, but it encapsulates the phrase," Less is more." 

As the name suggests, the Quartz Blue Dial has a dial that has a rich, velvety blue color that's stark against the metallic sheen of the whole watch. The indices or markers have a simple shape with a line's semblance, while the hands have a sharp, sword-like form. 

A differentiating trait of this watch is the shape of its case. Unlike most of the watches in this list, the Quartz Blue Dial has a slightly oval shape compared to the more conventional round shape that the other watches have. Not only that, but the strap is also unique in that the layout of it is like a little mesh chain link.

Trophy Men's Quartz Black Dial

From the name itself, this watch will make you feel like a winner. The Trophy men's watch is entering the realm of vintage and fashion. Even though it's categorized as a casual watch, you can still use it with any attire or in any event, be it a wedding ceremony or a fashion show.

The first thing you'll notice with this one compared to the previous watches is the strap. Its strap is built with a buckle, like a regular watch, and the material used to make it is leather or calfskin, to be specific. Wearing a watch with a leather band is incomparably different because of the calfskin's soft inner layer.

On the watch face is a black dial with three sub-dials with white and silver details highlighting the markers and numbers. The hands are polished metal and have a sharp shape to it matching the crown and pushers on the watch's side.


This year has been challenging for everyone. There's no wonder why people are a bit more hopeful of the holiday season with all the bad things happening. It's a time when we can forget our problems and just enjoy the company of others. Giving loved ones or oneself a present like these watches is only one way of celebrating these precious moments during trying times.


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