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GoGoPDF: A Free PDF Conversion Tool That Has Everything You Need And More

Home Software & Tools GoGoPDF: A Free PDF Conversion Tool That Has Everything You Need And More

People don’t realize that today’s workforce has more work to do than what their peers used to do back in the day. However, modern employees don’t have as much support on their hands like before as current hours are shorter, but workloads are higher. The demand for software support is needed more than ever, but sadly, the best programs aren’t given much credit.

If you’re someone who works a nine to five with overtime, then chances are, you haven’t heard about GoGoPDF, the next big thing in software tools for professionals and amateurs alike. There have been many competitions in the past, but GoGoPDF has gone above and beyond the rest by providing free but fully functional software that allows users to easily convert PDF to PDFA, merge PDFs, watermark documents, and so much more!  Here is an introduction to GoGoPDF and its features.

What are PDFs?

Before we talk about the enigma behind GoGoPDF’s rise in popularity, we must first speak about PDFs and the nature of their format. PDF or portable document format is a file type created by Adobe in 1993 to present documents, text and image formatting, and images, respectively. These documents are also given independently of software or operating systems.

Portable document format files are unique because of their importance to modern society. PDFs are integrated into almost every facet of human existence because they are useful for storing files. The compact size and practicality of using PDFs over anything else make them an obvious choice for handling gargantuan sizes of paperwork.

If anyone would argue about using PDFs, they’re probably not making the most of their time every day. Online software tools can also utilize PDFs because of their small size, and this is where the genius of GoGoPDF comes in. Our computer’s web browser is one of the most used applications in our system, and what better way to use it than to have a work-related program as a browser tool.

In the past, conversions to and from PDF weren’t as diverse as they are today. People would find and commission skilled computer technicians in the past to do the process, but today, even necessary procedures can now quickly be done through the browser tool. 

GoGoPDF: A Multitasking Gem

GoGoPDF is a free, open-source browser software created in 2020 by an excellent team of dedicated programmers and software engineers. However, it wasn’t until the latter part of the year that the software tool gained the recognition and popularity it deserved. Advertising and sponsoring marketing strategies can be quite expensive, especially since the tool itself is free to use.

The company boasts a partnership with many educational institutes in a bid to further knowledge and efficiency in universities with the use of online browser tools. Open-source programs that can be accessed via an internet browser are beneficial for students studying at home. With the global pandemic situation not calming down anytime soon, staying quarantined is the best solution for now.

Anyone visiting the platform for the first time would be surprised at how organized and clean the interface is, something you wouldn’t expect from free, open-source software. GoGoPDF has no plans of monetizing their product further aside from the pending implementation of their subscription plan. 


The tool suite has several drop-down tabs available for users to see and explore. GoGoPDF offers all the functionalities of their software in just one place, making it easy for multiple conversions at one time. It’s no surprise that the company displayed its tools this way. It encourages efficiency and productivity without having to navigate through endless pages just to get the job done.

Conversion and compression are features in the first tab because these are some most used procedures on the platform. Users can compress PDF, make use of the PDF converted, and even a handy feature to repair their PDF files should they need it. All the different tools work cohesively to support each other because you can never prepare for everything at once.

The second tab houses more specific functions, such as merging and splitting PDFs, and these are essentially what people with more experience use. The tabs that come after are more tailored to feature the tools that are specific to one function. These can include the PDF reader, edit PDF, rotate PDF, delete pages from PDF, document sharing, and even a handy page numbering tool.

A dedicated conversion tab is also available for people who only use GoGoPDF primarily for PDF conversion. Formats are as follows; PDF to word, PDF to JPG, PDF to Excel, PDF to PPT, PDF to PNG, and PDF to PDF/A. All of the conversions can also be done vice versa if users need to alter the original file.

Security and Customer Service

GoGoPDF gives full transparency of how files are being kept, and if you navigate to their frequently asked questions tab, the answers to most of the queries are there. Some commonly asked questions are whether files are safe and yes, all files are kept in the database for one hour before getting permanently deleted from the system.

The platform also boasts the latest in encryption technology, so your files can be uploaded to the website but cannot be viewed by GoGoPDF. A PRO account will give users more flexibility but isn’t necessarily needed to access all the platform features.

If you ever find any problems or issues while navigating through GoGoPDF’s platform, a customer service agent is waiting for anyone online 24/7 to answer questions and concerns. The dedication that the company gives to its customers is unmatched even for their more expensive and paid competitors.


The final decision is up to you as the customer, and we encourage everyone to go out and try GoGoPDF for themselves to see what we’re talking about. That being said, this article aims to give potential users an introduction to why GoGoPDF is trustworthy and is the best free, open-source PDF tool that can be accessed throughout the browser.


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