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How to Convert Image or PDF to Text

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When the document is saved in pdf format, it becomes non-editable on notepads. Similarly, the text in the picture can be scanned, but it remains constant.

So, users can't change that text. Here we will provide you with some tips that can help you to extract the text from images easily.

Use Google Docs

It is the finest method to extract text from an image and make it editable. OCR technology is used in this image-to-text converter that scans the whole document and takes out words.

The best thing about using google docs is that it scans the entire document and can also figure out the format and size of the text.

It is the most trustable way that most people apply while generating the text provided by Google.

The working of google docs for generating text from pictures is quite simple. You have to follow these steps

  1. Go to google drive and log in there.
  2. Move to the top bar and there click on the new button
  3. Select the option of upload files and bring your files here.
  4. Once files are uploaded, click on the extract button.
  5. Google docs will provide you an option of open with.
  6. You can select the format in which you want to open your document.
  7. The text you extracted from the image is here, and you can edit it.

It is the most fantastic way to generate text from pictures as it can also provide you with the same text style, size, and colors.

Using Adobe Acrobat 

Adobe is one of the most well-known organizations that provides its software services to the users and makes their tasks easy digitally.

If we talk about this tool's image-to-text converter, it also provides us with an application that can help here to pull out words from the picture.

Adobe Acrobat uses OCR technology and takes out text from pictures that you can later edit on an editpad.

Sometimes, you may scan the photo with a curve in it that makes it unclear to identify. A person can’t get those words easily.

The advanced technology used in this image-to-text converter can scan the documents deeply and tries to figure out the curved text.

To extract the text from the image and make it editable, users have to follow these steps

  1. Open the software and select the file from your computer option present on the top.
  2. Click on the extract button and it will start scanning the document deeply.
  3. The extracted words will be shown on screen that can be edited later.
  4. Users can save the files in their systems by clicking on the download button.

This is one of the prominent ways that can help the users to draw out content from pictures and PDF files.

Convert Image to Text Using Online Tools

Some people have privacy issues so they don’t use the tools like google doc and adobe acrobat as they demand to sign up before using them.

So, there is an option for them to use an image to text converter and complete their tasks for free without any signup or registration.

The only thing needed is the internet and browser. After that, you can directly search for an online tool on browsers and get your results.

There are several online OCR tools available on the internet that can help you regarding this task.

  1. Open your browser and search for free online OCR.
  2. Click the top one and open it.
  3. After it, go to the select button and choose a file from the computer
  4. Go for the extract purpose and click on the extract/OCR button.
  5. In this process, it will scan the picture and read the text in it.
  6. The extracted text will be shown in a separate box that you can download from there.

Users prefer to get help from online tools because they provide the facility to select multiple languages.

That means you can change the language of the text after extracting it from the picture.

Extract Text from Image by Using a Mobile Application

To make the tasks easy and without any web tool, users can extract words from an image using mobile applications.

Many mobile applications let you convert images to text. Their work is also simple with user-friendly interphase.

The best thing about using a mobile application is that you can use the camera to take pictures and you can directly make them editable by using the Image to text app.

  1. Download a mobile application and open it.
  2. The button of the gallery is available on the top corner of these applications.
  3. The OCR tool will scan the entire picture and extract text from it.
  4. Users can save the files of extracted text or forward them for instant use.

Mobile applications are best to use but one thing that can irritate the user is that they show ads during work.

But one can avoid it by going for a premium plan and remove ads from the application. It can be helpful for a person to work without distractions.

Final verdict

The top methods for conversion of image to text are described in this article that can help users to complete their tasks easily.

Every user has their demand so they can use any of the methods to save time.

Converting images to text can be a challenge for the users if they perform it manually. It will claim a lot of effort from them.

To come over this issue and boost up the working speed, you can apply any of the methods and take out content from a picture.


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