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PDFBear: The Best Tool For Your PDF Conversions and More

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PDFs are one of the most utilized electronic files nowadays. It has continuously contributed to the innovations and improvisations of technical electronic file management. File sharing and printing have become more comfortable and straightforward because of the invention of these PDFs. However, some still find them challenging to use. 

Are you having trouble managing your PDFs? You can stop Googling for more answers now; PDFBear has it all for you! Whether you need to convert, merge, split, or compress your PDFs, you can perform all these necessary tasks using the free online tool PDFBear! We will tackle its free efficient tools provided online for more convenient and quicker transactions. 

A Complete PDF Converter

There may be various tools available online to perform PDF tasks, but it is quite challenging to find an efficient one. People usually search for a tool that can convert pdf to word free and end up purchasing the pricey programs. Are you currently feeling thrifty? Well, PDFBear is the one for you as it comes for free! 

You probably think that PDFBear is not a safe and efficient tool as it is for free. PDFBear is one of the best and most recommended PDF converter tools because of its methodical instruments. It has absolute completeness that can cater to most electronic file formats, including Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets.

Also, they collaborate with the well-known Solid Documents, which boosts the confidence of most users. This collaboration ensures the quality of PDF conversions and other services they provide. With PDFBear, you can convert your commonly used files to the portable document format and vice versa. Check out this list to see which other conversions you might use soon:

  • Word to PDF
  • PowerPoint to PDF
  • Excel to PDF
  • JPG to PDF
  • HTML to PDF
  • PDF to Word
  • PDF to PowerPoint
  • PDF to Excel
  • PDF to JPG
  • PDF to PNG
  • PDF to PDF/A 

How To Use PDFBear’s PDF Converter

We will use the most common PDF conversion as an example. Since Word documents are the closest to most PDF content, we will learn how to convert Word to PDF. Although Word doc or Docx have been remarkably efficient in creating compositions, journals, and other important documents, they are quite challenging when uploaded and shared online. 

When you and your recipient do not have matching MS Word versions, you might encounter formatting issues. These format complications might end up to an entirely different looking document as the spacing, indentations, and font styles will appear differently. Transfiguring them to PDF will prevent these inconsistencies. Here’s how:

  1. You can use any web browser or search engine for PDFBear. Using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge will not matter as PDFBear can work properly with any of them. 
  2. Select the “Word to PDF” option from the PDFBear home page. 
  3. You can now upload your Word document to PDFBear. Standard uploading procedure or drag and drop will work the same. 
  4. PDFBear automatically begins the Word to PDF conversion for about 10-15 seconds only, depending on your document size.  
  5. And you are finished! You can save your freshly converted file right away. PDFBear will also provide a file URL for quicker online distribution. 

Organize Your PDFs

Given the less-modifiable features of PDFs, PDFBear also has more tools that you can utilize for better PDF management. You can achieve better productivity when you are managing your electronic files more efficiently. Check out these free tools to separate, combine, and compress your PDFs! 

Using Split PDF

Sometimes, you are required to detach specific pages from your document, as it may appear unnecessary. However, this is tricky to perform when in PDF structure. But with PDFBear’s PDF split function, separating and individualizing pages from PDF becomes handy! 

After uploading your PDFs using the same procedure earlier, you can select the pages you want to detach from your PDF. After extracting those pages,  you can then save your individualized files right away. Again, you can still use its URL to share it faster through your social media platforms. 

Delete Pages From PDF

Now, if you do not need to save those separated pages, you can use the delete PDF pages function instead. PDFBear also offers this function for free and will only take less than thirty seconds to perform. You can overcome the common PDF dilemmas effortlessly and take out the unnecessary pages in an instant! 

Combine PDFs with Merge

On the other hand, PDFBear also has the PDF merge function to combine your PDFs and make a compilation out of them. It is quite stressful to have an overcrowded desktop. Especially during cramming moments, these traffic folders can cause lesser productivity as it consumes too much time and causes more stress. 

But if you compile these PDFs into a single file, you can attain a stress-free desktop while achieving higher efficiency through better file management. After uploading your PDFs, you can organize them the way you want to arrange them. Then select the merge PDF button, and you can now download your freshly merged PDF! 

Minimize File Size with PDF Compressor

One of the most common dilemmas with online platforms is large electronic files. Even if you are using the famous Gmail, YahooMail, or Hotmail, you will still encounter instances wherein you can only upload and send on a limited capacity only. Provided that PDFs are challenging to edit, using a PDF compressor is an excellent action plan to achieve a smaller file! 

Although PDFs are naturally more compact than others, there are still chances where they end up as large files, especially if they contain high-quality images. With PDFBear’s PDF compress function, you can minimize file size without compromising its original quality! 


The most common PDF problems are difficult to manage. But thanks to this quality PDF converter, PDF management becomes more straightforward and comprehensible. PDFBear is pretty elementary to use, making it available for beginners and intermediate users. Try it out for all your conversion needs today!


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